Chille tempehPrimasoy tempeh

Primasoy tempeh can be found fresh (refrigerated) or frozen. Fresh tempeh can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days or frozen for months with little deterioration in texture or taste. Tempeh is best stored without stacking, allowing it to "breathe". Occasionally, tempeh may develop black spots. This is not an indication of spoilage. In fact the black spots are spores which usually form if the cultures receive too much oxygen or heat.

We use Australian Certified Organic soy beans, which are sourced locally and harvested using sustainable farming practices.




Primasoy fresh tempeh varieties

Plain organic tempehPlain tempeh

Plain tempeh can be cooked with any spices you like such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, harissa, curry powder etc. The unique characteristic of tempeh is that it maintains its firm texture while absorbs the flavour of the spices. The tempeh can be marinated with your favourite spices or cooked in dishes such as casserole or curries.


chilli label2Chilli

Our chilli tempeh has a spicy aroma with a chilli kick. This tempeh can be simply served by dipping the tempeh in salt water prior to frying.




Primasoy marinated and pre-cooked tempeh varieties

Marinated varieties of tempeh are the perfect as a quick meal. Pan fry, grill or heat in the microwave for a quick snack, or add to salads, in curries, or stir fries.


Also known as tempeh bacem in Indonesia, this tempeh variation has a distinctly traditional Javanese flavour which is achieved by first marinating the tempeh in tamarind spices and then cooked. The tamarind provides a sweetness and acidity to the tempeh, which is then normally fried and served immediately with rice.


Garlic and Coriander LabelGarlic and Coriander

Known as tempe goreng in Indonesia, tempeh marinated in garlic and coriander is the most common way of cooking tempeh in Indonesia. It can be grilled, deep fried, pan-fried or heated in the microwave before serving.



Tempeh with tamari LabelTamari and Ginger

Tempeh is marinated in organic tamari and ginger to give a rich, tangy flavour reminiscent of many tofu dishes in Asian cuisine. Enjoy lightly fried with a light soy dipping sauce and spring onion.



ThreeSeed tempeh LabelThree Seeds

Pepita, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are combined with soy beans for a tasty meal. With a hint of paprika and cumin, this variety can be enjoyed on its own or as a substitute for meat in burgers.